Bashed Dreams

This morning, Barb was wearing her black stretch pants and her orange Kansas shirt.  She looks good and I commented that it wasn't Halloween. She said it was her bike riding attire.  I burst he bubble by pointing out that the sidewalks are now wet and getting wetter.  There is a light rain falling and it tends to make the goose poop on the trail at Lake Shawnee way too slick for bikes.  It really is not the fault of the geese.  People think they are doing the geese a favor by feeding them on the walkway.  Feed them in the grass, they eat everything else there.  When they congregate on the path, they tend to crap there and without fenders, it can be messy.  In slightly wet weather, it is like someone sprayed WD-40 on my wheels and I tend to fall down.

We have a few tomatoes inside but none in the garden

With a slightly cooler weather starting, it is my hope that the garden will again start producing the tomatoes and peppers again.  barb has a few plants she wants to put out in the garden growing inside and getting nursed to grow big and strong.  She said there wasn't a bloom on any of the plants during the two week heat wave.  At temperatures over 100 every day, the tender blossoms just don't make it to fruit. 

This is a "Gay Feather" or some kind of picknosatshia  

The pictures I am posting for the next couple of weeks are the one's shot by Barb and the girls.  Kendra and Katrina were here a while back and they all shot pictures.

 Katrina with camera.   
Kendra w/camera and flowers  

The house was filled with laughter during their short visit to rabbit run.  I am sure that they have been told to make a joyful noise and they do.


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