'Nother Day, 'Nother Tree

This morning I checked the tree that was blocking the satellite signal and cut it down.  I cut up half of it and put the pieces in the wood pile.  I left half on the ground where it fell.  I will get up tomorrow and move that half.  It was way more work than I wanted to do all in one day.  In fact, I may crawl up the ladder and see if the other tree is blocking the signal.  I hate to cut all the trees down to the south of the house because they provide shade.  Lets see, shade or satellite signal?  get the chain saw boys, I'm cutting that bugger down.
My uncle Warren, Mattie and Elizabeth at her wedding
Since my mom passed, we don't hear from the Denver group much.  The picture above appeared on Facebook or we wouldn't have known anything.  I still don't know when or where the wedding happened.  The bride looks like her mother, Kathy. 

The weather here in the heartland went back into the 100's yesterday and today it will be in the mid 90's with a pretty high humidity.  I quit work outside about 11 AM.  I will go and shower off the sawdust soon.

Barb is up at her old school delivering Monarch eggs, cats and chrysalis's.  He friends there love to show the kids what the life cycle of the monarch is like.  Did I mention she is also delivering cup cakes?  I think she even has a bag of school supplies to take to Tecumseh North School.   Such a sweetheart.  You all know the old saying.  You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but she never loses her class.  

I love this picture


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