To me, it is funny what memories pop into my head when I have thoughts of family members.  Do you think I would remember that my mother was at one time a very good cook?  No, I remember that she would put a roast in the oven and go off to church and we ate what was not cremated beyond description when she got home.  One of her favorite sayings was. "I cooked it, I don't have to name it."  She was famous for her cooking an entire dinner in one pan and often the results were amazing.  Barb is fond of saying, "Your mother would be proud." when I put together a meal in the same manner.  Pork chops in Spanish rice with green beans is an example of a one-dish meal I love.  Yes, the obvious ham and beans dinner with a side of cornbread is another.  Mom always used white navy Beans and I would much rather have pinto beans.  My dad would often look at one of the conglomerations and say, "Looks like the dog got sick."  

Mom and dad at Carol's house.

I read this morning that one of my friends lost his mother over the weekend and I was flooded with thoughts of Mom.  I often say that I was blessed that both my wife and mother loved me and they liked each other.  For a good part of her last years, Mom lived near us and I would go over and see her regularly.  I did all her shopping and ran errands for her.  My brother got to share the last couple of years with Mom and I'm pretty sure that he enjoyed her as I did.  There is a little oil royalty money coming in and every time a check is spent I think about how Mom would want me to spend it on other people.  

The days are getting a little shorter and the morning temps here in the Heartland are getting cooler.  Not long back we would ride early to avoid the heat and soon we will wait until later on in the day so it will be warmer.  It is never perfect, well... A couple of times each year it is but what's a little sweat when you are having fun.  Much rather drip a little sweat than have to wear a coat and try to keep the body the right temp.

You don't see the turtle I was looking at

Better Run - Pears to pick and perhaps circles with pedals to make.



  1. I like your dad's comment about the dog getting sick. Every once in a while we have one of those conglomerations show up at our house. I have learned to just eat it, and shut up!

  2. Hey, dude, I never knew. Perhaps we could go riding sometime. Think about it. Git bak with me. I'd love to go on the Katy Trail. Never been. I heer it's over 200 miles. Kick-ass. Wanna do it in 2 days? HeeHee. Or 3? tok2me, dude.

  3. "I cooked it I don't have to name it." That is hilarious!!!!!!