Geo Caching

MUD, Jenn and Andrew

Yesterday Barbara and I went to Lawrence to meet with our niece Jennifer and her nephew Andrew.  It was our first lesson in Geo caching and while the company was great, it wasn't the most productive activity.  The first three locations had been removed and there was nothing to find.  It wasn't until the last two locations that we did find anything.  I will be happy if we escape without poison ivy.  I will admit that I did go to a location on the KU campus that I had never been.  On the west side of US 59 across from the Housing units is the Pioneer Cemetery.  In that cemetery is many of the graves of the people killed in the 1864 raid by the Quantrell's raiders.
Barb with her camera and the ammo can full of goodies

We went to McAlester's deli for lunch and it took two of those big ice tea's to quench my thirst.  Everyone drank a couple of drinks and we had a great visit. 
Jenn and her find

Jenn mentioned that she is going to row in a Master's regatta in Oklahoma City this weekend.  I think she is going to race in five or six races next weekend.  Man I think I have gone way far when I ride my bike at the lake.  Jenn has spent the summer with her nephew's and says she is having a ball.  


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