Early Morning Stuff

Seems like my sleep habits are more like the chickens each day.  Is it dark, why not take a nap.  It is getting light in the east, better wake up.  I would laugh at my grandparents in Arkansas when they did that - with a nap mid day.  My life looks more like that every day.

Barb has started taking pictures of water towers and old barns
As August moves on, our friends from Morocco get closer to going home.  They get a chance to see the family and catch up on all the family stories.  I'm sure that it also helps keep the girls grounded in what life here in the USA is like.  I wonder if they get spoiled going to WalMart after shopping at the local market.  I know the produce there is every bit as good as here and it is different.

Julie eating a smore
Gerald and MUD  
Tomorrow night we will get to host Austen and Kyler for Fajitas.  I will marinate the meat and then grill it on the Weber.  Should be a good time and a great meal.  This is the last free Friday for the boys as they will start school next Monday.  Nothing like the laughter of a couple of guys to put smiles on our faces.


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  1. Hey MUD!

    I like water tower pictures. I took this one in Winters, TX (which is in the middle of nowhere).

    Their football team is the "Blizzards."