Poison Ivy

When I cut down the trees behind the house, there were a lot of vines on the tree.  I guess one must have been poison ivy and I got it on my arms.  The good news is that so far it hasn't caused me a lot of skin damage but the itch drives me crazy.  I really clip my fingernails short so I don't scratch the skin deep but I do find myself rubbing the red skin and I'm pretty sure that it keeps the skin irritated.   yes, I know - DON"T DO THAT!

African Wild dog
Last night, Barb and I went to the zoo to see the new African wild dogs that are new to the zoo.  It was a beautiful evening and we loved the wild animals and all the little kids.   We are now "Friends of the zoo" and hopefully it will let us in some of the zoo's in our travels.  Because it is near the end of the year, the FOTZ card is discounted but nothing was said if it is an annual fee or lifetime.  We have a National Park pass that was a one time fee and well worth the senior citizen discount.  

Old Momma Lion watching the new dogs

Every year, I watch my horoscope work its way up to the top spot on the page.  I read it but I don't place a lot of stock in what it says.  As the summer ends, my horoscope falls to last place and that is my notice that fall is near.  I also notice that the spiders outside are getting real aggressive about putting up large webs to trap insects for their egg nests.  I don't mind the spiders but I hate driving my tractor and hitting one of those webs that coat you face with sticky strands.  This time of year we walk the paths here with a wand to wave at the webs to make the webs disappear.  

Yesterday on the radio I heard a cute story about hurricane season.  A policeman drove through a neighborhood about to be hit by a hurricane.  He told everyone to evacuate.  One old man said "God will Save Me."  A little later on after a levee broke they sent a boat to check on the old man.  He was sitting on his porch up to his waist in water and he again said "God will save me."  After the other levee broke they sent a helicopter to lower a rope and the man who was on his roof again said, "God will save me."  The old man drowned and went to the pearly gates.  He said to Saint Peter, "God didn't save me!"   Saint peter just shook his head and said, "God sent you a policeman, a boat and a helicopter, some times you just have to listen and help yourself."   


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  1. I got into poison oak several years back deer hunting. It ate me up! Had to go to the ER to get a shot to relieve the itching.
    Good luck!