Political Rant!

Enough of this eye candy. I have to write a post now and then that lets me vent about things that bother me.
  • In the paper today, there was a story about a man that was killed in a traffic accident.  He wasn't wearing his seat belt and was thrown out of the car and killed when he was sideswiped.  His son in the back seat was also not wearing his seat belt and he too was thrown out and is seriously injured.  This is to al the men out there - Wear you seat belts stupid. Not wearing your seat belt is not some macho thing, it is just common sense.  Here is a 40 years old man that died because he couldn't take a few seconds to buckle up.  Wake up people......
  • I have said for years that the stock market is only doing well because the baby Boomers are throwing money at it like mad in preparation for retirement.  My question is who will buy all that stock when they do sell to get their money back?  Most of our children are just making ends meet and living from pay day to pay day.  They won't have the extra money to buy stock when it is their turn. maybe they wil use the inheritance from us (after taxes) to retire.
  • Did you hear the Democrats lie to you about the stock market crashing if the new Debt Cap bill wasn't passed?  We did and the stock market went in the trash anyway.  When are the people going to start calling BS when the Democratic leadership tells these lies that are to inflame and arouse us.  Remember the unemployment rate staying below 8% if the stimulus didn't pass?    I have a saying - how can you tell when a politician is telling lies?  When his lips are moving.  This applies equally to both sides of the aisle.
  • I read that one of the big banks in New York is going to start charging people to keep large amounts of money in their checking accounts.  Remember when you got paid for money in your account?  Now they are talking about charging for that privilege.  Right now the charge is only .03% per month but once they figure out that this is an additional revenue stream, they will all start.  
  • The headline in today's paper was where are we going to be able to put our money to help us live when the rest of the government stops paying like clockwork.  I hear people say Gold, Platinum, Diamonds.  The only problem is that when we really need the money, who will have any to cash out those investments.  Try to take a bar of gold to the store and try to buy anything.  Good Luck
  • What is really ground truth today?   Everyone says the economy will be OK in a couple of years with a growth rate of about 8%.   The problem is that the real growth rate is about 2%.  I read that if entitlements continue to grow at the current rate, it will take about 92% of the taxes to pay all the things people feel they are owed (Plus the interest on the National Debt)   The unemployment rate is about 9%.  Except they don't count the people that have dropped out of the system because they aren't eligible to get unemployment or find a job.  Makes you wonder if they count the people on food stamps and welfare?
  • The other day someone said that the current POTUS is as clueless as Jimmy Carter.  The biggest difference is Barry doesn't have a brother bubba or Billy drinking beer and drawing attention to the gene pool.  We also haven't had the President involved with a killer rabbit in the middle of a pond - yet.
I do want to give a shout out to my niece Jennifer who has spent a lot of time this summer involved in the lives of her nephews.   I have always been so proud of her and this is just another in a long line of things I love her for.  There is just no way she is 46.  That would mean that I'm.... Holy crap I'm 64.


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