A KC man is on trial in Osage City for the murder of his mother-in-law, his wife and his two daughters.  His lawyer in the opening remarks said the man was suffering from temporary insanity.  Yes, that is called the emotion of hate.  Hate is blaming someone else or group for you problems and thinking or reacting to that hate with foul play.   It is your internal emotion driven reaction and seldom changes the reality of life.  We think that people hating the United States must be crazy but is it a mental illness?  Hell no, it is common hate and comes from the dark recesses that we all have.  It is the lack of maturity to accept change and move on that separates us from the Charles Whitman in the University of Texas Tower shooting people as they go by. The guy mentioned above took a rifle to Osage City and in cold blood shot and killed four people.  He did not shoot his son and when the police arrived took statements from the wife and one daughter as they lay dieing on the floor.  It was premeditated hate that caused him to do that.  In most cases, I would apply the mad dog law on that individual.  If more than two people saw you do something so bad, they should just take you out behind the police station and execute you like the mad dog you are.  See, I too can hate without being crazy - I hope that's the case. 

I have no thoughts that  lead me to believe that even the most peaceful mother would not shoot someone to prevent hurt from being put on their children.  Most of trained by the military were taught to load, aim and shoot in a manner that precludes flinching.  That is the action without internalizing the feeling of the person we are shooting at.  Don't ever ask why a policeman or military member shot and killed someone who drew down on them.  There is a reaction not a thought that drives it.  Insanity?  I think not, it is action not reaction in most cases.  It helps us to sleep at night if we can also learn to hate the individuals that we shot at.  Shoot at me, and you had better be a good shot.  I'll shoot back.

It is a horrible thought that man can be so inhumane to his fellow man.  Stop and read history and you can see it from almost every society in history.  The Germans said they were just following orders in WWII.  The Japanese said it was their code to not respect their captured enemy.  We fire bombed cities and inflicted casualties on hundred of thousands of civilians.  There is no end of the despicable things the English heaped on their colonies throughout history.  On and on, man killed man and a lot of it was driven by hate.  I am not sure what thought or emotion would ever lead a Stalin like person to allow thousands of people starve in the name of a ideological thought.  Perhaps not loving his fellow man is a kind of hate.

The trial underway in Osage County would have rested the prosecution part of the trial if it I had been in charge.  The son as a witness, and the tape recorded statements of the dieing family would have been all I would have presented.  I pray that someone doesn't go on trying to further prove the case and make a mistake that excuses the guy from the responsibility of what he did.  I think the case of OJ was over proved and the defense got to shoot so many holes in all the data that the jury just didn't know what to do.  Anyone that doesn't know that a leather glove dipped in the blood of the victim will shrink should have the saying "If they don't fit. you must acquit" tattooed someplace where they can see it daily.

Oh well, I really am not in a bad mood or depressed today, I think every once in a while I just have to point out insanity, wait, that's crazy not hate.  Crap here I am over-proving my point.....

I will leave you with this last thought for the day:  One President, One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, , and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems  that plague this country.   Blaming the past, or other people doesn't solve our problems.  These people better step up and work on the problem or perhaps we will realize they are the problem not the solution. lead, Follow or get the hell out of the way!

Today I bought my Birthday cigar.  It made me dizzy and gave me the hick-ups.  Not a good thing for an expensive cigar.


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