Things to do in Topeka

This is not an inspirational or motivational blog.  It is just a few of the things we have done here and nearby lately. When our Zoo isn't trying to par-boil a hippo they really have worked hard to make the zoo a great place to visit.  The other night they had a grand opening of the wild dog exhibit and to get in you had to have a Fiends of the Zoo membership.  The good news is that they had the $50.00 membership discounted to $30.00.  Nice evening and it is always fun to see the new stuff. 

Barb and I ride our bikes a lot.  We rode to the east end of the Shunga Trail that is newly completed.  That will make the Shunga Trail about 7 miles long and if you park at one end and ride to the other it is a nice workout.  We have ridden mostly on cement trails and because we are working on getting ready to ride the KATY trail in Missouri (Not all of it, just the first 10 miles out and back) we rode the Landon trail.  It is an old rail bed trail and typical of what we expect on the KATY.   We went out about 9 miles on that trail and it was pretty neat.  It needs some minor work after the wind storm last week.  

From Brown vs Board of Education bldg here in Topeka, you will by the end of next year ride about half of the way on concrete and the rest on gravel from downtown Topeka to Berryton.  That is about 10 miles.  Can't wait for that to all be completed.   

The Brown Vs Board of Education Museum & Park is an interesting look see into the integration of the United States.  The short issue for Topeka to be proud of is Topeka was selected by the NAACP for the court case to integrate the schools because if the fact that a lot of kids lived in integrated neighborhoods and had to go out of their way to go to a segregated school.  Topeka was a lot more relaxed about the issue of integration and being a State Capitol they could probably get pretty good news coverage of the trial.  Separate but equal just didn't make sense here and it fairly easily won the Federal Court case here. 

I don't know what you do for fun but family dinners come to mind as one of our favorite things.

Austen with my camera
Kyler with Barb's Camera
Barb with her camera

 I get to sit on the couch and watch all the clicking.
MUD & Barb Jr.


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