Something to Do.

This morning I woke up bright and early and wondered out loud what it was I thought worth doing this early in the day.  The usual suspects of making a pot of coffee, fetching the paper and hickory smoking some bacon came to mind.  Say What?   Yes, I know that unless you have time and extra hickory that seems like something not worth the effort.   We had some Bruschetta at an Italian restaurant the other day and while it was nice, I wondered what I could do to spice it up a little.   Anything with hickory smoked, thick sliced, peppered bacon added has to be better.  Sam's Club had the bacon and it sure works nice into a meal. I smoked the bacon on the Weber with some of the great Hickory wood from here on Rabbit Run farm. Lots of smoke and indirect heat makes for some tasty bacon.  I am going to try for the traveling cooking trophy at a family gathering tomorrow.   I also cooked Barb a couple of chicken breasts for her wild rice salad.  Now I need to go shower off that wonderful bacon and hickory smoke smell.  I make myself hungry.

Evening shoot in North Zion Park
 This morning the local TV channels said there are flood warnings out for parts of NE Kansas.  We went from dry 100 degree days to something like a Monsoon.  There was even 60-70 MPH winds with the latest round and a lot of us lost our electricity for a few hours. 

Better get my act together and on with the day


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