Life 101

There are a few more things I want to add to the series I called life 101.   These are the kind of thing I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about.  here Goes:
  • My mother never said life was fair.  She said it was full of people that will want you to do all sorts of things and a lot of them are more than my share of work.  If life were easy, anyone could do any job and no one would be worth a little extra money because the job is hard. 
  • I am reminded almost daily that people do stupid things to make a little extra money.  Again, look at the options and if something looks too easy, it probably is a sham, a fake or a rip off.  
  • Marriage is something that needs to be considered carefully.  In a lot of states, once you marry, all the debts of both parties can be considered joint debts.  Remember that the Judge is the one at the end of the marriage that will make the decision on who owes what.  It would be perfect if everyone only took out of a marriage what they brought in and their share of what jointly was  incurred during the marriage.  Don't forget that the money maker may get the job of paying the lawyer for both parties.  If you have questions, see the first bullet above.
  • It has been our experience that if you are asked by a relative to loan them money, do it only if you are able to walk away from the deal and not be in your own hole.  If you get your money back, celebrate.  If not, move on with life.  Consider it a gift and repayment is optional.  Listen to the Money talks program and see if most deals with a friend or relative end well. Dave calls these kind of deals a "Stupid Tax." I think you will find that for the most part you are the source of last resort and the risk is always higher.  Besides, is it worth a few dollars to ruin what you think of another person?  Not to me.
  • I learned too late in life that education and learning need to continue throughout life.  Like all investments, you need to look at the cost vs. the benefit.  Unless you are in the top 10% of your class, a degree from a State University is as good as any Ivy League school.  Get as many hours at a junior college as you can and then move on to the high priced spread.   Schools in Major cities are often a lot more flexible in when you can get your classes.    In most cases, a degree is just a filter to select people for a job, not the final criteria.  
  • Yesterday I wanted to buy an electric start mower.  I went out to the Honda dealer and man did I get a shock.  Their basic mower was over $400.00.  The options and cost just kept getting higher.The electric start mower was $899.00  Then the guy told me that there is a $25.00 administrative fee  to put it together and do the paperwork.  Thanks, but no thanks to your "no end of season" discount.  Next to the Big Box Store Lowe's.  Their almost top of the line self start, self propelled Troy Built mower was only $417.00 with tax and a three year warranty.  Guess what I bought? 
  • I smoked for years.  I found a great pipe tobacco and never considered the cost or the impact.  I quit and found that life was a lot more simple when you don't have to carry a lighter, a pipe, a tobacco pouch etc....    I decided that I would get a cigar for my birthday as my gift to myself.  I didn't find a good store until yesterday when I was out and about.  I bought a great cigar and found that about half way through smoking it, I got dizzy and it gave me the hick-ups.  I finally had to brush my teeth and use a mouth wash to get the taste out of my mouth.  This morning when I work up that taste was back with a vengeance. Perhaps that is one of those things I might put on my reverse bucket list.  Been there, won't do it again.
Crows are a lot easier to look at than eat.

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