Every once in a while, events unfold here at Rabbit run that will require me to be busy at the grill.  In fact, today I'll probably have to fire up both grills  for a while.  We are having 8 or 9 adults and 6 or 7 kids over for dinner.  There is a wide and varied taste required plus one or two really low fat dishes.  One person can't eat any fat and another doesn't eat beef.  Gerald lives in Morocco and can't eat pork there so some pork will be put in the mix.  
This morning it was only 70. Hot August nights?  Not now.

Have you noticed that our Congress is on vacation and there is not a lot of talk coming from Washington, D.C.? The talk is starting on the race for the 2012 election and I hate the part where the participants tear each other up rather than talk about what they will do.  Here is my solution:
  • Call the leaders of the House and Senate in and give them a budget that includes not only not exceeding the revenue but includes paying off 1/10th of the old debt each year.  Then go on the News and announce that the congress has a budget it is their job to manage it and live with it.  Ram it up their agenda until they learn to live with it.  Make sure that they understand that it is their job to pay for everything and nothing new starts until they can find ways to pay for it.  No unfunded mandates and they get reminded that they must play together or call a press conference and point out who can't play together. 
  • Focus the Military on being a program that not only trains the service members how to conduct wars, but how to rehabilitate our infrastructure.  Put some of the people in the housing the Government owns out and about in the USA and have them help fix it up.  Put service members in the schools as resources that help with mentoring, being a role model and helpers so teachers can teach not have to spend a lot of time refereeing the free for all's.   I would focus their efforts on protecting our borders from drugs.  Shut the supply down to zero.  Write a plan to Invade Mexico if they can shut down the killing and  drug flow.  Tell the UN they are responsible and then do something.
  • Cut our losses in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Bring the boys and girls home and tell them they need to learn how to play together and stay the hell out of there.
  • Figure out ways to get our oil from the Oil Shale and sands and do it.  Let OPEC eat the oil and see if it doesn't get back to a lower price.
  • Mandate that all new houses being built after a certain date will meet minimum energy standards.  We all know that maximum insulation pays for it's self.   Credits for solar and wind power to heat and cool at a lower cost. 
  • Make sure that our Government knows that setting goals is a good thing.  Making mandates is not. We do need to focus on the schools that are winners, not punish those that are not there yet.  People will want their kids to go to schools that meet the standards and eventually close those that don't.  
Oh well, this lunch is free.  eat what you will and let the rest go.



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