Careful Out There

I just found out that my aunt went to Colorado for a vacation.  I guess she forgot that us old people fall down and being in a place where that can really hurt you is just not being careful.  I can't imagine what a few days in intensive care will do to the cost of her summer fun.  We hope that Paula recovers well and soon.

Wasps love to build nests in isolated places.this was under the awning

No bike riding today, in addition to a little stiffness, there is some goose poop "slicker" falling from the sky.  If it rains hard, it washed the poop away.  If it sprinkles, it just makes everything slick  There is a path over in Lawrence where water crosses the bike path and if it rains much the moss grows on the concrete.  That has taken me down a couple of times especially where there is a turn and water in the same place. I guess I will just take the time to get a haircut and make a trip to WalMart. 

This is Harvey and MUD looking at the plans for Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, AR

Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to a visit to the new American Art Museum in Bentonville, AR.  The WalMart Foundation has funded it and it is being built in one of the neatest places.  It will have some buildings across a water feature and it is built right in the woods.  Down one side and up the other side and they tried to keep as many trees as they could.  Where they needed to dig some up to build, they have planted new trees that will cover the cuts and slashes in a few years.

This is a door bell button from a Pullman car.  We went to a Sante fe auction and Barb picked it out.

The door bell button above was one that Barb picked out at an auction that Sante fe held a few years back. I have to do some modification to get it to work as our front door bell button.  Mostly there was some kind of transformer wiring inside and god only knows what voltage it worked at.  Now it answers to the 12 volts of the doorbell.  No, I don't know why it was in barb's pictures.  


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