I don't know why I even bother with knowing what day it is.  In retirement things are a lot like the same day after day.   It is a lot less crowded when we do things on Monday, but I don't hate people so crowds are generally not a big problem for me.  In fact, I look for check out lines where there is a kid in the cart and then I have someone to talk to.  Most of the time this goes OK for me but on occasion it hasn't been as successful.
Hot and dry is over for a while, we hope!

Yesterday I went to WalMart and met the poster child for the "People of WalMart" series.  This guy looked like he just got off work at the charcoal plant and his T-shirt had more holes than solid parts.  The really strange part was the grin  on his face like he was dressed up for the senior prom.  He was with a female partner and she walked ahead of him like she didn't want people to know they were together.  I always wonder if that's the best he can do or if that is like his weekend costume.  

The other day I was checking my lottery tickets to see if I had won the 220 million dollars but again, the elusive victory over poor eluded me.   It is fun to think about what I would do if we win but in reality I know it is a poor risk.  Another lady was checking what looked like $50.00 worth of different tickets and I asked her what she would do if she had won.  She immediately replied that 50% would get invested right damn now.   I asked her just where she thought was a good place to do that?  GOLD was her answer.  I fear that just about the time I would do that, the ship would have sailed.  Barb always says that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.   

I need to work on getting some pictures ready for more posts.  See you later.


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  1. If Walmart had a dress code, they would go out of business. I agree, some folks wear the rattiest clothes they have, sometimes just for effect. It's better than a movie at times, keeps this old geezer entertained anyway!