Cool Front has Passed Through

It is a cool 60 this morning and I'm glad.  It got up to almost 100 yesterday and it sure felt way too hot about noon.  Perhaps Barb will want to go for a ride today.  The tree I cut down yesterday can wait until later on.  My cousin has a painting on exhibition at the Brown Vs Board of Education bldg and there is a trail nearby.  Quietly the City of Topeka is turning into a bike friendly place.  There is 8 miles around Lake Shawnee, a trail along the Shunga at least that long and a rails to Trails segment north to south.  We have high hopes that some day they will all interconnect but I will keep the Pick-up truck to get to where we want to ride.

Yesterday, Barb did her annual take the cats to school trip.  Her old school loves to have monarch eggs, cats and chrysalis's in their classrooms to show the kids the life cycle.  Some year we will make a journey to the hills above Mexico city to visit them there as they overwinter.  I hope for all the people of Mexico that they can find a way to stop the gang violence.  Probably won't get that done until USA stops some of the drug usage that is fueling the violence.  No, I don't even have a beginning of an answer to that.  I'm not sure we even know the question to ask about that.
The Sunflowers are blooming in the yard.

The daughter of my cousin Kathy was married sometime in the recent past.  I was amazed at the diversity of the group at her wedding.  I'm sure they didn't challenge the norms, they just did what they always do.  In the pictures, the bride shed her shoes as quick as she could and had a pretty smile on her face for the rest of the time.  At the reception they sang the song about the Plastic Jesus on the Dashboard of their car.  I would have loved to have been there to sing with them. 

Barefoot Reception
 Our friends from Morocco have returned home for the winter there.  They are both teaching school this year and I hope that doesn't cut down on their postings on their blog and Facebook.  I know they have a good time here visiting all their relatives and friends.   After meeting Gerald's brother, I can understand that they are a pretty darned nice group.  

My arm itches  this morning.  I wonder if I got into some poison ivy cutting the tree down yesterday.    I will go in and put some salve on it in a little bit.  No big deal but I do find myself scratching .  Oh well


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