Something Different

The other night I asked Barb to send me a picture she had on her camera.  She just handed me her SD card and said, "Download it yourself."  I just plugged it in and downloaded it all.  That gave me access to about 500 of her pictures and I thought I would share a few of them with you over the next couple of weeks.  Barb has a wonderful eye and looks for things unusual as well as the pictures the rest of us see.  To credit all the photographs on this site for the next week, they are Barbara @ Rabbit Run Farms, Tecumseh, Kansas 66542.

I just went upstairs to see how much moisture has fallen and the rain gauge is missing  For a month of dry weather it has sat on the deck dry as a bone and the one time it rained, Barb has moved it to the garden.  It is her gauge but she never ceases to surprise me.  Why would you want to walk all the way out to the garden to see how much it has rained? She told me she wanted to know how much it rained out there.  I guess 100 feet away can change the amount of the rain.

I am pretty sure that we set a new record low for August 2011 at 73 degrees this morning.  Add some moisture to that and it is like fall.  Dang I hate it when that happens.  Write if you get work.


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