Traveling Trophy

This weekend we had a family gathering in Kansas City.  Our host, Dan, cooked some pulled pork and smoked some ribs.  The rest of the family all made their specialty and there was some mighty fine eating there.  I took some thick sliced, peppered bacon and smoked it.  I then put it on toast with some tomatoes that were made a little Mexican with some mango and cilantro.  It was my version of a cross between a baguette and a a BLT.  Just after I sat up my little grill to toast the bread, Jenn arrived with some pesto that was just a killer on the toast. Dan's wife Carrie, made a traveling Petty cookout trophy and Dan won for his ribs.  I think he would have won for his pork sliders if he had just a little slaw to put on them.   Janet had a killer cucumber dip and Jenn made a sorbet out of real cherries that was in the trophy hunt.  

This is Barb in Utah but seeing her with her camera is pretty normal

The best part of the weekend was the gathering together of family members and sharing the stories.  We have always enjoyed the stories part and the fact that we are spreading out just makes the stories even better.  Dan & Carries' sons are about to head back to Saint Louis to go to college again.  The oldest is a senior and the other one is a sophomore.  There was a lot of talk about where to live once college is over.  I think San Antonio is one of the favorite towns of all but we think Dallas/FW is a place with a lot of opportunities.  Once the real estate market settles down California might again be a good place to consider.  Me, I think right here is pretty fine.

On Friday night, Austen and Kyler got to come over and we laughed for hours.  We played silly games and ate lots of good food.  They are back in school full time on Monday and they are ready for another great year.  They recounted their trip to Vegas this summer and all the neat places they got to see.  Sandy and Larry Parks always take them to neat places.  I am sure that it is getting a little harder to find new places all the time but they seem to know what the boys like.  

Better run, time for a bike ride.


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