Is August Over - Already?

Seems like my birthday was just yesterday and now it is the 30th.  I guess time flies when you are having fun.  Let's see if I can remember a few more of my Dad's sayings to start the day...
  • ALL Hands on Deck.  I'm sure that this was something he got in the Navy.  He never served on a ship so to him it meant that everyone had to drag their tired butts out of bed.
  • Pack Your Bags.   If my dad decided that a quick trip to Arkansas was needed over the weekend, he would reach under the sink and pass out grocery sacks.  In 10 minutes, he would be in the car and what you had with you was what you wore for the weekend.  Most of the time, Mom nor Dad checked to see what you brought.  
  • Virginia, can you put some ice in my tea, or Can you put some tea in my ice?  dad's meds made his mouth dry and he tried to keep a glass of tea nearby.  Mom was from the generation that would keep him in style. 
Barb just asked if we need to go riding.  Weather report is light rain.  Not so much right here but soon.

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