'Splain it to me!

Yesterday I went to WalMart to seek out some lotion for the itch I have on my arms.  There was a combination anti itch medication that was a combination of Calamine lotion and an anti itch.  It was over $5.00.  A simple bottle of calamine lotion was $1.27 and the anti itch stuff was $2.39.  Why on gods green earth would you pay a $2.00 penalty to have them mix it one bottle?  You also only got about half as much that way.  I guess we are spoiled that way.  Have you also noticed that products that have "No Sugar added" are also more?  I guess I am just not the one to make sense of such things.

Yesterday barb and I went out on the bike path and found a whole new section down by the Shunga creek.  The city has expanded the path on east of the old part and the couple I met said they will soon have the path around the city.    We were getting a little tired of the west side of the lake Shawnee bike path.  I am really tired of the nuts hulls the squirrels are putting all over the path.

When was the last time you had a taco pizza?  We had one last night and I found it interesting but not as good as the one by Godfather's.  I would rather have a meat pizza or the supreme with the meat and some onions, peppers and olives. 

The cool weather is here again this morning and I really should get out and cut up that downed tree behind the house.  I thought it was cool that I got it to drop right where I wanted but somehow it just hasn't cut its self up yet. 

Better get cracking.



  1. The "No Sugar Added" thing is just another way to rip people off! There are a lot of us geezer's that have to stay away from sugar. But because of the increased cost, it's just one more thing I have to put back on the shelf.
    Good post about the Calamine lotion! More folks need to read the labels and compare. it will save you some $$$$$!

  2. My first comment didn't post.

    Hey MUD, have you ever heard of "Rhus Tox?" My wife is extremely allergic to poison ivy, and it clears it right up.

    It's a homeopathic deal...a little pill for poison ivy, and other skin rashes/ailments, etc. She buys it at a local health food store, but you can get it online. It really works.

    Just thought I'd let you know about it, if you didn't already.