All Beat Up!

I love the tractor to move the snow in our driveway and road.  The only problem is when I get out on the road over to Dave's and the rental.  Those great big tires throw a lot of slush on the driver and there is not a good suspension system for lots of weight.  The bumps compress my back and after about three hours of it I hurt.  Thank god for Naproxin Sodium.  I can at least stand it after a couple of them and a nap. Looks like we got another inch of snow last night but the temperature is holding about 30 so by noon that will be gone.  I don't have to fire up the tractor to take care of that small amount.  

I am listening to the Incredible Machine CD by SugarLand.   I don't hear many of the songs on the radio station I listen to.  Kristin Bush is just so cute and he smiles come through in the music.   

Are you as fed up with the lack of Leadership in Washington?  Seems like all the President can do is blame the Republicans.  He needs top grow a set and bring them all together.  have you been told about any of his plans to fix the problems or have you all been told about the Republican plans to derail Obama?    The truth is that the current plan is to spend out way out of this mess and there is no real effort to find a way to do with less.  To me that is like a compulsive gambler going to the casino to win back all his losses.  Doing what you did an expecting different results is just dumb.

Looks like we might get out a little today.  The roads should be fine by noon.


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