Too Damn Cold

Yesterday I set my mind on going on a bike ride when it got to 40 degrees.  I went over to Lake Shawnee and rode across the dam.  I rode back, loaded up the bike and went home.  Even with almost no wind it was too damned cold to ride.  Soon, but not today I will be back on the bike.  

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about how I don't understand the voters.  The majority of our voters don't agree with most of the items Obama addressed in his State of the Union address, but seem to like the Obama Agenda.  It was like the last election.  Overall, the congress had an 8% approval rating and about 92% of them were re-elected.  

A few years back, we passed a ban on assault type weapons and large magazine for them. When it did little or nothing to change the statistics, it was appealed.    Last night, the same old story was trotted out and her we go again.  The President said that since Sandy Hook, almost 1000 families have been impacted by shootings.  Doesn't he pay attention to the facts at all?  The city where handguns are almost completely banned (Chicago) had 48 of those deaths.  It will not change the statistics one bit if the Government tells the legal gun owners they can no longer have guns.  Unless or until they try to come out here in the heartland and try to take them away from us.  

Simply put, the problem with guns is there is not a good way to take the guns away from the people that use them illegally.  

Simply put . The problem with the deficit is that congress didn't make the President publish a balanced budget and then live within that budget.     

Simply put. If you aren't happy with the fact that we are fighting a war in Afghanistan, bring our troops home from all those places where they are in danger.  

Simply put. If a country lets people hurt the people in our embassies, bring our people home and cut them off the list for Foreign Aid.   Then don't help guard their embassies. (Note - Or the UN if they don't step in and sanction the country's that don't their obligation to foreign embassies.)  Spend a week or so towing all those illegally parked cars around the UN and see if that doesn't get some results. 

Simply put.  If you don't favor the Agenda of the Government, don't vote for the same guy again

Stupid-  People that do what they did and expect a different result are the same kind of people that think that Col Sanders is running a chicken hospital. (Rush Limbaugh)  I like mine about 50/50 original and extra crispy.


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