What Does It All Mean?

There is a program on TV called Dan rather Reports.  This morning he had a program about all the job movement to India and what it has done to our middle class.  He had a pre-election clip of Obama telling us that the Republicans are all at fault and in the next segment he showed Obama  at a conference in India saying it is all a "Win-Win."   One of my favorite clips was the showing of the Indian shanty town with a new HP factory built right in the middle.  It was all in the presentation.  One of the people interviewed said that the research and service centers in India cost us about half of what they would cost us at home.  He said "Show me the money."

Most of this talk started a few years back with all the talk of  fair trade and Globalization of the economy.  The biggest problem as i see it is who is going to be able to buy all this fancy computer software and hardware when all the jobs have gone overseas?   The $500 laptops are the rage now but who will buy them when the pay in India catches up with the USA?  yes, I know it is not my problem as I have done my bit for the cause.  I really do want to sit back and relax but "Show me the Money."

Have you noticed that for the 5th straight year the President has yet to produce a proposed budget on time?  I sure a heck would like to know what those pesky politicians think we are going to spend.  I guess so long as the Executive party can bully congress into just raising the debt ceiling it make little difference. Try that at home boys and girls. 

Oh well, the weather here is fairly mild for this time of year and It sure is nice when the sun shines.  Except for the fact that the window cleaner is shirking his duty to make them sparkle.  Oh well...
It is all in the presentation.


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