Spring Gives me the Travel Bug
I do wish that I could find something I like better than Garlic in my food.  The only problem is that I can't find a good way to replace the cloves of garlic that are messy and time consuming to fix.  Yesterday I found a wonderful loaf of crusty bread at HyVee and bought a little bottle of prepared garlic.  There was just no way that I could take the chemical taste out of that garlic including putting a stick of butter in the pan and trying to cook the taste out.   You can bet I'll pitch that garlic into the trash today.  It wasn't the cost of the bread or the garlic I hate, it was the face my Daughter-in-law made when she tasted it.  She is not a world class gambler and her lack of a poker face gave it away. 

A couple of years ago, my son put me on to a product from Gilroy, CA.  That is the city with the name - "Garlic Capital of the World."  Their Garlic Garni was the bomb and I used it freely until sometime this past years end when they must have had more red pepper flakes than Garlic on hand.  It turned hot and I now have a big old container of the stuff that just imparts so much heat that it takes the joy our of the Garlic.  I would use it up in my cooking but Barbara and our son Dave both don't enjoy hot things nearly as much as I do.  They both like flavors in their food, just not Garlic (and for Barb Ginger)

Yesterday I saw a program that was centered on people raising the helper dogs that are helpers for people with disabilities.  It seems that there are several hundred thousand people that need help and only about 10,000 dogs in the program.  You get a puppy and raise it for about 15 months and then it goes into the program.  About the time you start to feel bad about losing one puppy, they give you another.  For those of us with Attention Deficit Disorder, it sounds perfect.  Kind of like a parent of a child that grows to maturity at a rapid rate. 

Tomorrow our grand Niece from Alabama will be in town for a few days.  She is a representative of the Robert Trent Golf Trail in Alabama.  There is a trade show and she will help man the booth through the weekend.  One of our other nieces, Carrie will have us all over for Chili and cornbread to celebrate the visit.  I think that Barbara has come over to the dark side and will bring cinnamon rolls to the dinner.  Both of us ate enough school lunches to know that there is nothing better than having a dessert of cinnamon rolls after a bowl of chili. As a kid I would also want a Pepsi but not so much any more.

We had our Lawn and Garden Show over the weekend.  Barbara loves to work with the Youth Education Committee  of the Master Gardeners.  We had grow lights on for about three weeks straight growing Kale to give the kids a hands on experience.  The kids got to pot the seedlings and take them home.  I don't have a clue how many will grow up into lunch, but my electric meter will stop spinning as fast with the lights out.  

This morning, it was almost 50 here in the heartland.  Must be a snow storm coming soon.  When a cold front is coming, a warm moist air gets sucked up from the south and we get snow.  Not that we don't need it. I don't have any idea how far behind in moisture we are this last couple of years.  The ponds all over the heartland are dry and I can see the bottom of ponds that have never been dry in 30 years.

Have you noticed that I have managed to write one entire post without mentioning things the Government is doing that I don't agree with?  'Nuf  said .

The morning funny papers said it all for me this morning.  Grandpa in Pickles said he was a "Genius with a Capital J."    


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