Smells from D.C.

Today the Catholic Church is going to lose their old leader.   Like the rest of the world, the catholic church is is a crisis of Leadership.  I hope they can find someone that will set a high moral tone and enforce standards of conduct that are what is required.

Speaking of needed change, the smells coming out of Washington is that the blame game just isn't enough.  It is going to take what I propose for the Catholic Church.  The United States needs to change the idea that the Government owes everyone everything from cradle to grave.  Is it apparent to everyone else that the "Sequestrations" cuts won't fix what's broken?  It is a hell of a good start but far from paying off the debt let alone cut back the spending.  The plan was that the plan set the slope and over 10 years it would be what we need.  I for one don't trust Congress to make the cuts across the board and fair and balanced.  The cuts were the President's idea and now they are about to happen all he can do is blame the Republicans.

If the leadership in congress can't support the Defense of our nation at the level it was, cut back what they want them to do.  If we can't afford to send our Aircraft Carriers in to every hot spot, don't send them.  If we can't afford the war in Afghanistan, bring our soldiers home.  If money is tight, bring our troops home and guard our borders.  If we can't feed the poor, close the borders and send home all the illegals.  I'll bet that the poor people will start doing the hard jobs when we cut off unemployment beyond 18 weeks. 

It will be fun to see what happens over the next couple of weeks Only 2% of the budget is being cut  and the cry is that the scare tactics have us going to hell in a hand basket.   I'll bet if we start looking at the rest expenses of the government, there is more room for cuts than will be made.  I saw a TV program about how President Bush flew Air Force 1 into Iraq for a Thanksgiving dinner.  My thought was if they had to report it as a Gulf Stream 1, why the hell did he fly AF 1?  I'll bet if the people in charge all backed off one plane smaller the cuts would be remarkable.  

What are you going to do?  



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