For about half of my Adult life, I woke up with the chickens and watched the sunrise.  I had a paper route for a year and then spent about 30 years in the Military.  This morning I was out as the glow in the east became a warm glow with the sky turning pink and purple above as the rising sun reflected off the clouds.  A good part of my fascination with the sky is from the  fact that I grew up in Kansas and if you were not interested in the sky, it could be boring here in the heartland.  The sky is our scenery and watching the clouds make shapes and change is one really good way to pass the time.  

Yesterday I tried to fix the chain on the Black Mamba so the chain would cross a pulley and not slap on the frame.  It seems that the act of pedaling makes the chain to not  be held in a normal position and when it gets out of alignment, it just jumps off the pulley and is not fun at all.

What it should look like
I finally have given up on the idea that the chain on the pedal stroke goes under the pulley.  The bottom chain as it goes backward is a piece of cake as it doesn't have the down stroke pressure to mis-align the chain.    I also put a layer of rubber on the frame to cut down on the paint chipping from chain slap.  On a race bike, the distance from the pedal to the rear end is very short.  Not so much on a recumbent.

Almost 10 feet of chain on a 'Bent
I went over to the lake and rode around Tin-Man circle a couple of times.  I need to rework my legs to get them ready for the riding season.  A little over four miles and I was really feeling the burn.  Actually I was feeling the cold.  It was about 45 degrees out with some sunshine but I could tell that the wind didn't feel calm until I was moving with it at about 15 MPH. 

Oh well, better move on with things.  


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