Young Mind, Old Body

Yesterday we had a snow storm hit that just dumped tons of snow on us.  I have a Diesel tractor and it was very hard to start.  By the time I got it started and then got the grader blade hooked up it was over 8 inches deep.  I worked here for about an hour and a half and then went over to Dave's to push out his driveway.  After that I went to the rental houses and worked there for an hour or so.  I got home yesterday and I was cold the rest of the day.  I felt real bad and I mentioned it to Barb.  She made sure that I knew that I was getting old and it showed.  Bummer.  I have this mental image of being very young and I could work all day.  Three or four hours now just wore me out.

I do need to get the tractor running again today and do just a little more.  The County snow plow went by the mailbox and now I have a five foot drift in front of the box.  I am pretty sure that the mailman won't put anything in there if she has to climb a snow pile.  I also have to dig the Crown Vic out as it has a foot of snow on top of it.  

I am doing pretty well here inside and do have a couple of good books to read.  I may go up and make a new pot of coffee and see if there is any hot chocolate to add to a good cuppa coffee.  



  1. I learned after many years plowing snow that my diesel tractor needed an assist to kep it warm and starting in the cold. It has a block heater that I can plug in for 1/2 hour or so and it will start right up. To make that process easier for me I now keep the tractor in the garage for the winter where there is always electricity. It works like a charm. You might want to look into some type of heater for your tractor. They make several kinds including one tha goes into a bottom radiator hose. Heat it up and away you go. Now, I have to get out and do my driveway now. I always wait until the snow has stopped and the sun is shining. Ray

  2. Ray, my tractor is air cooled and there is no lower radiator hose to hook into. I built a dog house around the motor and have an electric heater I put in there. One of my projects this year is a storage building for the tractor. The good news is that everyone got off to work today at all the properties. Dennis