Storm Comming

It looks like from the computer models that Kansas is about to get a much needed rain/ sleet/snow storm.  On our way to Kansas City last night we saw a lot of ponds that are completely dry.  We need a lot of snow if there is to be an subsoil moisture for crops this year.  

Have you bought any gasoline this week?  What a difference a week or so makes in the price.  Instead of less than $3.00 a gallon, it looks headed for $4.00.  There was a news cast in January that indicated that gas might go up to $3.50 by the time the summer travel season kicks in.  Now we will be lucky to have $4.00.  Oh well, I can still afford to fill up the tank.

Our Niece from Alabama arrived in Kansas City and we had a great time at the Craig's last night.   It was fun but that drive home always seems to kick my butt.  I arrive home and am overcome by the urge to take a nap.  Wait, I am always able to take a nap, it just seems to be more important after a night time drive of any distance.  Even a late night at Allen Field house seems to wear me out.  Speaking of Basketball, the game tonight in Still Water with the hawks taking on Oklahoma State is for the lead in the conference.  Should be a great game.  

In a little while, we are going over to Free State Brewery in Lawrence to meet my sisters for lunch.  Another good time will be had by all.  Better get rocking and rolling. I have to get the tractor started and put the grader blade on the back so I can move some snow -just in case.


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