I have a couple of family members that have taken things I have said personally.  I challenge them to write 2,000+ blogs and see if they don't get one or two negative feed backs.  In fact, I challenge anyone to that cause.  There have been 94,000+ hits on this site and I get fewer than 1 comment per blog.  I ain't perfect, forgiven only prolific.  If you read this blog and disagree, comment.  The only positive comments I get are spam from sites trying to draw you to go to their easy loan kind of sites.  With the exception of my Brother-in-law Ray who has lots of good ideas.

I looked over the past few blogs and saw that I have left the subject of basket ball alone.   KU hit a tough patch and dropped three games to lesser teams and found their way to right the ship and work the way back to a conference tie with K-State.  It will be a real challenge to see what the Hawks do with TCU today.  According to Coach Self, TCU was the only team that challenged the Hawks from start to finish of the game and better the hawks.  The hawks went almost 1/4 of the game with only 2 points and I'll bet that doesn't happen at Allen Field House.  We'll see.

I am not sure if the rest of the US is aware of what is going on in Kansas.  Our Governor has challenged everything the State is doing and trying to engineer a new way to do about everything.  I think there are several pretty intelligent people that say that changes need to be made at the State level as it is the home of political change.  Well, many of us have about all we can stand of that change and are waiting for the effects to bring about prosperity over the effects cuts are bringing now.  Again, We'll see.  Mark this on your calendar, Brownback will either be the biggest goat or a hero but he sure isn't lost in the body politic here in Kansas.

We have a really good friend that is a teacher and she lost her job a couple of years ago in the Local school District and the cuts to the system for educating our juvenile offender system may have her on the cuts again.  This leads me to one move that I am really upset about.  One of the changes  our State Congress is trying to make is to cause the system of seniority to go away for state workers.  They want our State workers to be "At Will" employees and allow them to be fired "At Will."  Having been in a Leadership (Management) position in the Federal system, I can promise you that you can fire an employee in any system if you are willing to do your job and document.  I contend it is the lazy bosses that want it to be easy to terminate people.  The hard job is to help your employees to be the best they can be.  It takes a combination of training, leadership and hard work to make our systems work.  That's what the managers get the big bucks for.

Oh well, the snow is ugly right now and it is kicking my butt to clean all the sidewalks I need to clean.  The tractor blade and the bouncing hurt my back some and I just can't seem to get out and shovel the front walk.  I have cleaned over a mile of road and driveways but can't seem to clear the last 25 feet of sidewalk. 



  1. I have been thinking about how to warm up a diesel tractor that is air cooled. I came up with the thought that a portable heater, either propane or electric, placed close to the fuel injectors and engine block "might" provide enough heat to start up the tractor after about a 1/2 hour warmup time. Cabelas has some heaters used for tents and hunting blinds that might work (if they don't start a fire)
    Just something to think about next time you are out in the cold starting your tractor.

  2. I built a shelter with 2 inch Styrofoam boards and put an electric heater in the shelter. I also put the trickle charger on the battery and it started right up. It even started the next day without the heater. Next year i will have a building with a wood burning stove in it. I need to go out today and get it ready for the next storm coming tonight. Probably need to refuel it also. Thanks for the info. dennis