It is only a Game

All over the United States, there are Basketball fans wondering what is going on.  No one has survived being in First place or even a good brush with that label.  The thing I would want all of you to remember is that it is only a game and the real purpose of our campuses is the education of our young men and women.  If it makes you feel good, stand up and cheer, if not, there will always be the next game, the next team or the next year.  
We all can't be 7 feet tall, but we can shoot the ball
This morning, I am thinking about the 45 years I have spent with Barbara.  February 11th, 1968, Lt Dennis Petty married Barbara Schmoe in las Vegas Nevada.  What a trip.  I will admit that getting married and spending a year in Vietnam did kind of spoil the fun at first.  I think it War gave me a real idea of what hell looked like and marriage to Barb has been nothing like that.   

Oh well, better get something done to put a smile oin her face.


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