What'cha Doin?

This morning Barb and I, as we ate breakfast, looked at the calendar and tried to map out our day/week/month.  Kind of like the sign at the nursing home where they tell their patients what day it is.  At one time my day was scheduled in a Day Runner and Barb's was listed by the lesson plans/IEP's of her students.  Things have slowed down a little and now unless it gets really busy a Calendar is good enough.  

Oooh, Shinny
I have my recumbent bike back from having it painted and updated.  I am looking forward to taking it over to the lake this afternoon and making a few circles with the pedals.  I know I will not ride hard or long but I will ride.  The bike was called the Blue Racer when it was first made.  I had it painted black and now I am calling it the Black Mamba.  If it rides half as smooth and quiet as it looks, I will be in hog heaven. Over the age of 50, a man's bicycle seat should be larger than his prostate.

Yesterday was our 45th Anniversary and we took the kids out to dinner.  Barb's nephews Kyler and Austin came along and it is always nice to hear them and Barb laugh.  We ate at the Texas Road House and it was excellent.  We had a basket of fried pickles and I'll bet I was up every hour during the night trying to get rid of all the water and tea I drank from those salty pickles.  They were good but the dipping sauce made them a little salty for me.  It tasted like 2 teaspoons of Mayo, 1 of ketchup and one of Horseradish.  Just like you get with a Blooming' Onion at Outback.  Kind of like a Russian Dressing but with a kick.

There is a snowstorm somewhere over Oklahoma and headed to NW Arkansas.  Our Niece Rebecca was going to come up yesterday to testify before a Kansas Senate Committee but the weather spooked her out of that notion.  It is just cloudy here and the wind is about as calm as it can be.  It did get below freezing last night but not by much.  

Last night, I saw the Jay Hawks play about the best game they could have played.  They beat K-State like a drum - Loud and Often!  It looks like to me that Coach Bill Self has a tough decision to make.  His point Guard Elijah Johnson has has  not been able to hit the inside of a barn for a while. He went 1 for 6 last night.   He also has been pretty loosey goosey about his ball handling.   It is clear that Nadir Tharp is the "go to guy" and his defense on Rodney Macgruder last night was just the ticket.  It was nice to see Travis Releford back in the game but there was also Benny Basketball, Mclemore scoring 30 points on his 20th birthday that helped.  It is clear that there are a number of games left to play for both teams and on any given night you can get beat.  I am pretty sure both teams will be in the big dance at the end of the year.

Oh well, not warm yet.  


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