Snow Scenes

Scene to the South today
For the second time in a week, we got some much needed moisture.  It is very pretty but the wind today has made it much harder to get out and clear driveways and byways.  I am waiting for a couple of more hours and then I'll go out and brave it.  I am not sure if the snow that seems to be falling is new snow or the wind blowing it off the trees and roofs.  With the temperature about 30 this is a heavy snow and we did lose the power earlier but it is back on now.  

I think I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. Right now I am listening to the Prairie Rose Wranglers sing cowboy tunes.  I have a SugarLand CD next and then it is a toss up if I will listen to Roy Orbison or the Classic Masterworks Sampler.  What do you listen to? 

Last night I watched the KU vs Iowa State game and with about two minutes left, I almost gave up on the hawks.  They managed to tie it up and in overtime Elijah Johnson just took over and beat Iowa State almost  single handed.   It is nice to see him go from Goat to Hero.  Now if he can maintain that for the rest of the season we'll be in great shape. I am pretty sure that he will replace Jeff Withey as the  Big XII Player of the week. 

Today on Facebook a friend posted one of those thought pieces that said, "I may be able to forgive you, but that doesn't make me stupid enough to trust you again."   I was reminded of some advice the Chief of Staff, General Gene Krase gave me.  He guided me to, "Treat every person that brings news to you as a scout.  No scout is a Trusted Agent until they have given you at least two good observations that proved true,"   Kind of that don't rush to a judgement on half truths and be damn sure it is true.

Pretty soon I'm going to go out and put a new suet block in the feeder.  The woodpeckers will eat the house if I don't.  Stay warm and keep your powder dry.


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