War Stories

This weekend, we were sent a link to a YouTube recording of one of my Father-in-laws war stories he told as a part of the efforts in Twin Falls, ID to gather up some of the war stories of the older Veterans.  As hard as it is to place, the young soldiers who fought in WWII were probably in their 20's.  That was 70 years ago and now those left would be in their 90's.  My dad passed in the 90's and he was in his 70's. Heck, the average Vietnam Veteran was a Baby Boomer and we are reaching 65.  (Or if they are like me trying to remember where they left it)  

I went out to fetch the paper this morning and it was blowing cold and you can tell there is something on the way.  They are predicting 6 inches of snow on Thursday.  After a few days of 50-60 degree temperatures, the 20's and wind felt cold.  I recon there won't be many days on the bike trail for a while.  Might even have to put the grader blade on the tractor and move some snow.  As bad as we need rain, I won't complain.  I might shiver a bit but not complain.

For some reason, one of the deer has started to knock the feeding pan upside down when it is empty.  It isn't enough to lick it clean, they need to turn it over.  I have noticed that in the pictures some of the deer are starting to look kind of skinny.  There will be green grass and more to eat soon and they'll fatten back up.  The other day, I was watching a channel about Alaska and they told about some people that were erecting fencing and feeding the Moose and Deer near the fence.  It seems that the fence helps knock off the antlers and that is not illegal.  I guess the antlers sell for a pretty penny.  No, I won't do that.  I might be tempted to do it if it would save one of the bucks from being shot because of his spectacular antlers but probably not.

Tonight we are going to KC to visit with our Grand Niece Amy who is flying in.  It will be a nice chance to have Dave and Barbara with us in the car for an hour or so each way.  Throw in c=some Chili and it should be fun.  

I swear that watching the Baylor Girls take on U Conn women was a lot more enjoyable than watching K-State and West Virginia men's basketball.   Brittany Griner scored her 3,000th point and along with 500 blocks and a bunch of rebounds makes her something pretty spectacular.  Speaking of Women, Danica Patric brings a whole new vision to talk of a woman on a pole.  Not having ever gone to Baby Dolls, I don't have a clear image of strippers on a pole anyway.

Oh come on, if an old dude like me can't be a little incorrect politically, who can?  I can even mix my metaphors.

I even found a Pole dancer on a Bike


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