USMS Geiger

In 1968, I went to Vietnam on a boat.  It didn't have a great keel so it went up and down like most ships on the ocean but it also wallowed on the down stroke.  Sea sickness prevailed for most of us the first day or two out of Long Beach,  CA.  It was bad enough that one of my fellow officers was so sea sick that he took to his bed and then sick bay.  They took him off the ship on a stretcher in Subic Bay and flew him the remainder of the way to Vietnam.  yesterday I was kind of bored so I looked up the Geiger on the Internet.  

There was one section of pictures the Internet  and there I was in one of the pictures.  I wondered how the heck my picture got in there until I found the link back to this blog and the fact that it was one of the pictures I posted a couple of years back when I was doing my Military Stories series.   I was glad to find out that the Geiger had a bad fire and it burned to the ground a few years back.  

That leads me to the other point I have today and that is, "Why the hell would anyone want to take a cruise ship?"   This past year or so we had one tip over in a stupid accident and this week we had several hundred people trapped on one for days  because of a small fire.  As I read the stories about the incident, it reminded that the people other than they had beds, had primitive conditions a lot like Vietnam to endure.  

Oh well, there is so much to see right here in the good old USA that you won't find me on a ship soon.  Oh by the Way, the Black Mamba rode fine the other day and other than my leg were up to only about 4 miles, everything is fine.  


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