Dear Mr President

There has been a lot of talk about the legacy of past Presidents and here is my offering to help you leave office with a great legacy.

Put aside all this talk about race and reach out there and be as powerful as Martin Luther King to the black people.  Give them a hand up not a hand out.  Tell them that when the use drugs they are polluting the soul of their race.  Tell them that if the white people killed blacks as often as they do it to themselves, there would be a race war. God didn't put all those mothers on the earth to have them cry.  Tell them to act and stand strong in their communities.    Remind them that at one time there were black communities where they could shop, get their hair cut and do everything locally.  They supported a lot of jobs and they were people that the Government is supporting now.  I can't imagine how enslaving that reliance on a government check must be.   Can you Imagine having the impact of JFK by giving them strength as a people not just giving them the vote?

I don't want to be a profiler, but like the bank robbers said, He robs banks because that's where the money is.  Don't go out into the middle of our country and take the Right to bear Arms away from those that do so legally, go to the cities and arm the police force with body armor and automatic weapons.  I contend the drug use is the symptom of the problem not the cause.  help our young people build lives and they will darn sure sell goods and services and not drugs.

The Government owns houses all over America.  How about a program that takes the unemployed and teaches them to put on roofs, paint, landscape and insulate these homes and if possible hire them to do more jobs with the goal of having them buy the homes so they don't just fall down.  Move the people that live in the Government Housing projects out into the community.  

Si vis pacem, para bellum.  If you want peace, prepare for war.  No one ever attacked a country because they were too strong.  I agree that the wars in IRAQ and Afghanistan have been costly, but they have aided our economy in a lot of ways that little else has.  Ask the smart minds in Washington if the 1929 Depression was over by the time WWII started ?   I think that having a national Goal cemented people into a way of thinking that brought us closer than ever.  My parents tell me that during the war, they were rationed as heavily as during the depression but the difference was it was supported because we had a National Goal.  The military is probably one of the best ways to strengthen our country.  Don't think of it as a good way to get our young men and women killed, but a good way to teach, train and utilize them for good.  Why does a national Guard Soldier only train one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer?  Because it is about the right amount of time to keep them sharp enough.  Why can't our Military units guard our schools, streets and borders plus be able to go to war if needed?  Rotate them into our communities a quarter at a time and then train a quarter and then back to our communities. Think of it being a National Employment program not time in the Armed Service. 

It is my belief that every man has the equal ability to get up, get an education, go to work and be successful. For anyone to think less of the young black men and women is racist.  If you want to have a legacy that shines to the rest of the world, be the President that brought America together and built it into a place that everyone has the chance and the calling to be the best he or she can be.  I don't want you to be the black President that did this, but the President that brought us all together and build a foundation for America that we can all be proud of.  

PS, Isn't it about time that all of our Service members have the same benefits.  Why does a married same sex couple not both have ID cards and Medical care?  All that will take is a stroke of the pen and you appoint the Secretary of Defense who can do that.  
A lot of us are watching and wondering what the heck is going on

OLD Retired Fart (ORF)

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  1. I thought this post would bring a dozen hell yes's or No's but it has like most of my efforts fallen of deaf ears. MUD