Try'n to get it Right

I believe that the current Republican and Democratic parties are doing their best to get things right, it is their approach that I fault.

For example, The writers of the Constitution didn't start out "Once Upon a Time."   They put a lot of thought in developing a system of Government for a new country that just won its independence.  The document was flawed from the start and soon the Bill of Rights was added to make it a lot more predictable and protective.  For a couple of hundred years it served pretty well but the evolution of our electronic revolution has changes a lot and fast.  

I feel that the Democrats hold the Constitution as a form of guarantee that our rights are protected by Government.  The are making changes to help and in some cases force Government to do what is right for the people.  There is even a Civil Liberties organization that challenges things (ACLU) they feel are wrong and the Southern Poverty Law center looking for Civil Rights Violations.  If something is broken, the Democrats will write a law and see if making it illegal or creating a Government body to oversee the problem area.  So far, I think this approach has been about 50/50.  This works better in Wartime and in the case of major economic collapse.

The Republicans feel that the Constitution was not only a damn good start, it had the way to change it written in and that is the way to guarantee the freedoms we had.  They feel that changing the way government works is not to write new legislation, but to use the Government we have or change the constitution.  This worked when we lived in rural areas and the news breaking in California didn't splash out of our media as soon as it happens.  It is a rigid system and hard to explain to young voters.

The one fault I have is that unless and until we arrive in the toilet or a war, there needs to be a balance to what Government says it is going to fund and what they say should be funded.  In spite of the fact that the current Government in Kansas seems to be trying to reduce the funding on everything, their approach of only spending what they get is a pretty good idea.  (and required by our State Constitution)

So, the real problem is that we have two parties that are trying to be the party in power and spending money like there is no tomorrow.  Somewhere there needs to be some one with rational thought that helps them come together and try to figure out just what the heck we need to do and how to fund that need.

To me, in my simple way, I think that too much government is as bad as too much spending.  The leadership in our Government needs to stimulate our thinking and leave the economy the heck alone.  The Government needs to provide more guidance and less control. 

For example - I think abortion is the worst way to do birth control.  With that said, I don't think that I want the Federal Government involved in the decision between a woman and her Doctor.   I don't like it but I think it is about right.    There is way too much gun violence out there but I am pretty sure that legislating the kind of weapons and the size of a magazine for the bullets can't fix the problem.  I am pretty sure that the legal owners of weapons are not in need of more legislation.  It is the bad guys that use the weapons illegally that I want to stop.  I am not sure I know how to do that, or would want to live in a place where the Government can stop and frisk you everywhere you go.  

How about a system that puts limits on all laws and applied the rule of unintended consequences to those laws.  If a law causes more problems that it solves, it needs to be amended or stopped.   Laws should be reviewed every five years or so to see if they work.  Laws need to be simple, direct and reviewed.  The congress should live up to its responsibility to Govern not write new laws all day.  They need to issue a statement of what the four of five things they thing is wrong and what they are going to do about the problems.  They also need to publish a budget on how they are going to pay for it and do their best to make it all work.

I know it looks a lot more simple from the outside but it should be. If it is not, perhaps a change is needed.

On Guard just watching



  1. I think both parties intended to do right by Americans but once they get there they get caught up in it they forget why they are there. I agree with you on the government not getting too big for their britches. The Constitution was a very well thought out document and written by people who saw fist hand what living under a dictator can do. We should listen to them. I am hoping that people figure this out before it is too late. I don't want the government dictating my health, my religion or rights to protect myself from said government.

  2. To me, being an American means that I proudly smile when I see my flag flying. I am proud that we live in a place where we can disagree with the leadership and not have a war over rights. I hope that you know that you have enough freedom right here at home to make the rest of the world want to come here and live.