After many weeks of dry weather, we are finally getting some rain here in the heartland.  I was afraid I was going to have to drag out the hose and start watering things to keep them alive.  OK, you caught me, Barb would drag the hoses out and do the watering.  

A couple of years back, we put an automatic shut off faucet out in the yard by the garden.  It is leaking and I didn't figure out how to put a shut off valve on it.  You can bet your sweet bippy that if I have to dig it up this time there will be a good way to shut the water off.   

I won't discuss the loss of Kansas Men's basketball last night except to say that they played the worst first half of the game I have ever seen.   Coach Bill Self had better get the team's act together or he just might not see his 500th win this year.

I sure hope the Government doesn't profile us as Pot Growers.  With the leaky faucet and all the grow lights going, it sure looks suspicious.  Barb has about 100 small Kale plants growing in the spare bedroom getting ready for the Lawn and Garden Show next weekend.  The Master Gardeners  will have a booth there and kids that complete a small activity will get to take home a small plant.  We have about 1/3 of the plants here and man can you ever smell all the damp potting soil.  

Not being a mastermind or in control of time/place/events in February 1968, Barb and I got married in las Vegas.  Every year since, I get hit with an anniversary and Valentines day all within a week.  The good news is that Barb is worth the extra chocolate and flowers.  A lot of things have changed over the years but most have been for the better.  I can truly say that I am one of the luckiest guys I know.  

In fact, if I haven't said it enough times before, I feel like I have lived the good life and while I am not out seeking death, I feel that if it were to happen soon I don't feel shorted.   This morning I read about a friend's death at 73.  Barb and I agree that it doesn't sound old now.  Perhaps when we were much younger that was ancient, now not so much.  I plan on living until such time as I can arrive at my grave all dirty, worn out and shouting Ya-Hoo and slide into my grave to be there at least a day before the Devil notices.   

I think she has a camera just to record what I'll do next


  1. Wait until you are 75 like me and 73 is a youngster! The J/W newspaper today had the obit of one of my High School classmates. That sure is a wake-up call. Ray

  2. I have three close friends and an ex girl friend that would have loved to reach 65. I read the obits each day to make sure I am not in it. As long as you know there are a lot of us that are better for having known you. I am not sure I can always say that.