Black Friday

Well Sports fans, KU snatched another game from the jaws of defeat. They managed to find some offense and win last night in Vegas. I promise their game tonight won't be pretty unless they settle down hard and often. They are playing in a tournament and have drawn Florida on ESPN2 (10PM Central). I won't say that KU doesn't have potential, it is just a matter of what team shows up.
Barbara is working at Michael's again today. It will be a long one from 0800 to 1600 (8AM to 4 PM for those of you that aren't MILSPEAK literate) She did take a turkey sandwich and one of those new Honey Crisp apples.
I am going over to Wally world (WalMart) and get some containers that are able to go from the freezer to the Microwave. I am going to take the leftovers and make up some TV dinners from the scraps of Turkeyday. The icebox is full and we couldn't possible eat it all before it goes bad.
Wish you were here to help.

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