Went to work today

I was called about 8:30 by Barryton Elementary school to see if I could sub for one of their Paras that was sick. I worked with the nicest kid all day. Until about 1 PM he was focused and showed his intelligence and got a lot done. After the Meds wore off, he was a monkey without the ability to sit down or focus. I was a zoo keeper after that.
You know, this is a lot like work. I enjoyed doing something during the day and it will pay something in the end. (By the time I pay taxes on it, it will cover lunch and gas money to get there.)
Oh well, better get up and get something on the table for dinner. Ya'll have a great day out there.

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  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    I've been volunteering in a first grade classroom while Andrew goes to his speech class. There is the cutest little girl with autism in the class. Today she read a sentence to me. It was like she'd walked on the moon. Made my whole day...my whole week.