This is Tiger, the Orange Striped cat that has adopted me. Last night I went out to say goodbye to our diner guests and tiger came around the house to see if he could talk me out of some food and a little petting. The food is by the back door and I was out front so I tried to get him to settle for a little petting. For a very little bit he sat there and purred. I got up to go inside (it was about 32 degrees) and he bit my foot to let me know that I had better bring out some food. I forget that he is just a wild cat and not one that has been socialized 100%. He still tries to bite me about once a day and I haven't stopped that . It is never a hard bite but a good sign to quit what I am doing and leave him alone.
Our friends in Morocco just got a new cat and other than a white patch on her belly and face looks a lot like Tiger. She is Tobila or little car. I thought people that liked cats were a little wierd and here I am writing about one like he was a fullbown pet. Oh well, someday I'll also get to hide my own easter eggs.

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