Thought for the Day!

This is one of many little trinkets that adorn the shelves in our house. Like most, I'm unsure who made it or where we got it. It is a cute little bear sitting in a coffee cup reading. The saying on the cup is what I appreciate the most.
Barb had to go to work by 7 AM this morning. This is the first annual Michaels sales associates meeting. She also worked last night after working all week. Perhaps there will be time for her to go shopping at Penny's after the meeting and prior to work.
I hope to get in some riding today. It was warm enough yesterday, but the wind was brutal most of the day. It was gusty up to about 30 MPH and that just rips the heart out of my desire to ride.
On Halloween we went "Trick or Treating" and visited several of Barb's teacher buddies that we normally don't get to see during the year. They have moved to new schools and it is a treat to see them. As it probably is with most of you, one of the friends is just recovering from surgery and they aren't sure if they got it all. We hope Donna's wild sense of humor and good spirit just won't let some stupid group of cells defeat her.
Have a great day out there and enjoy the fall while it is not winter.

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