No School Today, Yea!

There is about an inch of ice/sleet on everything and the wind is blowing hard. The wind Chill is about 1 degree above zero and the powers that be decided there was just too much of a chance for accidents and injury to have the busses out on the road. Yea! I get to stay home today.
It doesn't seem possible that we set a record High temperature just a few days ago. It is supposed to be 45 by Saturday. Lordy, it will be 40. Then 0 then 40. Kansas, land of change.
Yesterday I went to Barb's school and one of my favorite little guys was there for me to help. He was working on a computer aided training session and every time the lesson ended he would say, "Teacher the machine needs your help". It really sounded nice to be called a teacher. This little guy is one that I would take home in a minute if he needed a place to live. Heck, there are a lot of them that I would take home including stray dogs and cats.
The TV weatherman is showing the storm blowing up from the south and if it snows half as much as the storm is big, everything south and east of here better have snow shovels. The only good thing is that west of here it is flat too cold to snow.
Oh well, I'll try to remember some of the funny things later today after the second cup of coffee kicks in. It is way to early for my funny bone to fire. Dennis


  1. Mean Uncle Denny, right.

    The Dennis Petty Home for wayward chldren, cats, black labs, recumbent bikes, and lost okies.

  2. I'm a lost okie. Oh wait...no I'm not. I am just snowed in with a crazy bunch of people. Kristin went out to get the mail and walked right out front and fell and busted her butt and I started laughing and looked down at the dog and someone had wrapped his tail in tin foil. Someone help me please!!!