Nothing Really Ever Changes

On a trip out west, I found a statue that caused me to laugh and feel familiar. Kind of Like Yogi's saying "De Ja Vu all over again". Not Yogi the Bear, Yogi Berra the Yankee Ball player/skipper. I am pretty sure that the statue came from my mother-in-law and for years it sat on the shelf in our computer area. As I looked for childhood pictures of me one day, I found the first birthday picture and it just blew me away how much the statue and the picture looked alike. The statue baby was from a Radio program called the newlyweds in the 1930's. The picture is from 1948. (a long time ago, I know)
I use this as a reminder to all the young whippersnappers out there that nothing really ever changes, it just repeats what has happened before. We live through an endless cycle of births, lives and deaths. Just because you don't remember it happening doesn't mean it didn't happen a lot like it is happening today.

We want our Mothers, friends and dogs to live forever. We will find that there is always the memory of them out there to grab and treasure and there is always another dog to lick our hand and warm our heart.



  1. However, one thing that does change is that as a society we are becoming more war-like and bloodthirsty. There have been more wars more frequently in the 20th century than any other century in history.

  2. I only meant it in the sense of things changing, but after re-reading your entry I can see that it is just like anything else. I just hate war, but especially with the advent of nuclear and chemical weapons, I think it is a new low in human progress and will lead to our demise.

  3. Yes, In the end, we will be at fault for causing our own demise. I hope we can keep it at bay for at least another 50 years so it won't happen in my son's lifetime. MUD