What a Day

I am substituting in the Berryton Elementary School BD program and I had no idea there were kids out there with such high needs in our schools. When I saw two of the team carrying a kid down the hall to the BD room I should have known. I guess this has been the pattern for two days this week. The little guy just isn't handling the pressure and acts out. I think they need to look at his meds also.
On the other hand, there are some instances where the kids just need someone that really cares for them and treats them with respect. I am going to be there for them as much as I can and do my best to help them get by. I have two little friends that will do anything I ask of them and do their best.
Today one of the two students I was assigned didn't come to school. The parent of the other came by at 1:30 and took the second one home. I clocked out and went to Barb's school. I worked with two of her students until the teacher vs student volleyball game started. I then came home and checked on the dogs. They got fed and I came in after it started to sleet so hard it was almost like hail coming down.
Winter is here with a vengeance. It is about 23 degrees and everything has a coating of ice. All new moisture is coming down as sleet and is slick as a stack of greased BB's. Where the sand trucks have been it is ok but the rest is treacherous. I'll let you all know more tomorrow. Dennis

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