Conservative Vs Liberal

These two terms have created a lot of controversy in our household. I guess I need to make sure that people know that no matter what end of the political spectrum you are on, we really do share more common goals than we want to admit. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are some of the basics of our government. I guess once you start spending a large amount of money in supporting those goals it is control of the process that becomes controversial. Even as tough and conservative as I sometimes project myself, there are a lot of things from the other column that I support. To wit.
Abortion - I personally do not think abortion is a good way to manage birth control. By the same token, I do not want my Government to be involved in the decision between a woman, her god and her doctor.
Gay Civil Unions - I think you can tell by the wording of this that while I support some legal basis for homosexuals to protect their rights and form some legal basis in law, I just don't want it to be called marriage. While a lot of my family members have been divorced and probably don't think as much of the word, I just don't want their choice to trump my union. Homosexuality is more than a choice, I will admit it I don't get it, but it does exist. I don't want to know what goes on in your bedroom and I respect your rights.
Immigration - I know that somewhere in the past, my ancestors came here as immigrants. For the most part, we have been a family of middle class people and probably have had to work for most of everything we have or had. I don't want the chance to come to America to be shut off as I am not an isolationist. There needs to be a flow of new people into our country. I also think there needs to be some way that people can come here and earn money and go home when the work is over. (Braceros Program, Green Cards for workers or some legal controlled program) Where I object is the idea that workers not from here or willing to stay here earn rights to our Social Security Program. I also think Amnesty for those not here legally is wrong. I have read that there is a 50 Billion (yes, with a B) debt out there in the Soc Sec program if Amnesty is offered to all the illegals here now. Yes, I know they have in some part been paying into the Social Security Program using ficticous numbers. I would start over and make illegals pay an earning tax not an income tax or Social Security Tax. If we use them, we also need to provide some support to them such as health care and schooling. They need to pay a part of the cost and that is the role of Government.
The United Nations - I believe that at its core, the UN is a good idea. I think there is a role out there for the UN to have a lot of control of the World and say so in the way the world operates. One of the problems is the real conservative part of our country believes that giving the UN any rights over us is treason. I would support the UN and help it Govern the World. I would also keep a strong Military here.
Power Projection - Here is one area that goes almost without discussion. How big an Armed Service do we need to have to be able to protect ourselves? Is an Armed Service the best way to accomplish what we want. One of the best Couples we know are working in a Moslem Country and I think that helps bring our culture to them in a way that having tanks there would not. That family has a long history of service to our Nation by helping others in Foreign Countries and I think their efforts are often overlooked. I am not advocating another Peace Corp, just some effort to be able to reach out and help with some recognition by our government. I think the cost of projecting power into the world is very high and could be controlled. The age old question of guns or butter will always be a tough one.
Change - If ever there was a tough nut, it is change. To its core, conservatives feel that if it ain't in the Constitution it isn't the role of Government. That is just too strong a point. I feel that there needs to be change in governments just as there is a change in society. Too little change and there will be a revolution. To much change and no one believes in the Government. I do want the Judicial Branch (Judges and Courts) to get back to their role and stop legislating from the bench, but if the Legislative Branch isn't doing its job, where does change come from? I think it is good that the pendulum is on a swing away from the conservative side and to the middle in Congress. Now I want congress to do its job and decide how much of the Executive plan of our Government we can afford. The time for our Government to be spending like a bunch of soldiers on payday should now be officially over.
Education - If there was ever an issue easy for me to cherry pick from the other side, it is the issue of Education. We must be willing to spend what it takes to ensure the next generation has all the education possible. How in the hell will we ever be the leaders of our world if we aren't willing to step up and educate the following generations to the maximum extent possible. It would be nice if the Military had a bake sale to build new and exotic weapon systems and the schools had enough money to make "No Child Left Behind" really work. We also need to have goals for our schools, but they should be achievable and funded.
There are issues that I won't be flexible on, but hey I'll bet you have some issues you are inflexible on too. MUD.

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