Oh my Achin' back

Yesterday was still a little cool but I got on the bike and rode to the lake anyway. It is amazing how a short layoff can ruin your conditioning. I hurt in places I didn't think about. It was nice to ride but I either need to do more or less.
I think I am going over to KU to get a copy of my Transcript. I'm pretty sure they will require it at the State Board of Ed to get certified as an Emergency Sub. I am thinking about taking my bent and parking off the campus and riding to the Administration Bldg. Parking while classes are in session would be nearly impossible to find.
I watched some nice football this weekend and have about had it with the local programming. There is more hate in Kansas politics than a KKK rally. The political ads reflect that mud slinging. There is more mud slinging than a bog rally. The President came here yesterday to help Jim Ryan salvage his campaign. Jim must really be in trouble. It will all come down to the voter turn-out. The only way your vote will count is if you get out and use it.
I had better get rolling. See you later! MUD


  1. Hey MUD, we need to set aside a weekend that I can bring up a truck load of parts, as sawzall, welder, tubing, and some duct tape and build me one of them there lazy bikes.

  2. I am so sick of all of the MUD (pardon the pun)slinging. They are even calling our house to bash others. I hate that!!! I can't wait for Thanksgiving.