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Every time I turn on my computer I get to see this beautiful smiling face. I can take about any picture and make it wallpaper and this is my choice for now. Katrina has always been the nicest little girl to go with her beauty. I'm sure that her little sister will be a beautiful but in a different way. Kendra will always struggle with being the little sister to this smart and pretty one. I will probably put their Halloween "wings" picture on as my wallpaper next week. This is Katrina's first day of school picture.
My last post created a lot of discussion and I'm glad. The reason we have free speech is so people can discuss how they feel. I feel sorry for people that don't feel confident about their own position and are afraid to write for fear someone will take a different position. It is kind of like a basketball team that only plays defense. Low scoring game but O never wins.
One of the things I won't give in on is my right to Bear Arms. So long as the population has the right to protect themselves, there will be some type of civility forced upon them. Lawlessness isn't the criminals with guns, it is the average citizen unable to defend himself because someone took his guns away. I don't understand why people want machine guns or automatic assault rifles but I'll be damned if I want to ever start down that slippery slope by having them taken away.
Another Issue I feel strongly about is Taxes. We just got our new tax bill and we will have to pay over $5,000 in property taxes this year without considering our Income Taxes. Geez Louise. Add about $2,000 in property insurance and that comes to over $600 a month in fixed costs and I own the places. Oh well, this is still the best place I would ever want to live in.

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