KU 39, KSU 20

To all the doubtful out there, I witnessed the KU football team whomping up on KSU today at a local sports bar. No, they were in Lawrence and I was at a local watering hole with Barbara. It was a thing of beauty to watch the KU team play football as a team and beat a team that whipped Texas last week. I am reminded from time to time that the 1988 KU team that won the National Basketball Championship from the Best team Oklahoma had ever put on the floor. In fact that Oklahoma team beat the Hawks twice that year and cut down the nets that signified the conference win on the Allen Field house rims to the chagrin of the KU faithful.
I guess the point of this is they call the sports played by athletes a game not a certainty. It sure was as much fun to watch the KSU fans moan as the Hawks snatched the ball and scored on several errors by the Purple shirted players. One thing you can say is the game wasn't boring. Perhaps the KC vs Oakland Raiders game tomorrow will be as exciting.
I hope that all is well with you and yours. Peace and wisdom to you.

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