Help Me I Can't Spell

Welcome Sports Fans,
Yes, Rebecca there is no Santa. ORU brought a guy that had hit 2 of 13 three points shots all year and last night he hit seven, three points shots in a row. We are Vealy shocked. They came to play and KU was playing like it was a preseason game that didn't count. ORU has a big guy named Green that truly is a man in game full of boys. It was just that, a game boys and girls. In the end, someone loses and someone wins. ORU will go on and do well and the Hawks will go on and perhaps do well.
As soon as I finish this I will get ready and go to Barb's School to help them get ready to serve their Holiday Lunch to over 500 students and 200 parents. It should be a lot of work but I always try to have fun and laugh as I help nice people feed nicer people.
I went over to the School District head office yesterday and turned in all the paper work. I will be able to sub for the classified staff starting after the school board meeting next Monday and as a Substitute Teacher as soon as I get my certification back from the State Board of Education. (3-4 weeks) I turned in my name for all positions, any time any place. I could be a janitor in an Elementary school, a para-professional or a teacher in High School. Should be fun. I need to listen to Barbara's stories more and evaluate how a teacher must react. Barbara uses "Love and Logic" a lot. Dr. Fay from Colorado Springs, Co developed a process to deal with students that separates what you do from the emotion of the moment. An example is, I like you too much to argue this point now. If the student does something bad or improper, you tell them see me in the morning (or at recess) and we'll discuss it. But don't worry about it! (Send them home with the monkey on their back) The main thing is to not react now but think about the situation and deal with it later when there is not the high emotional level. The real kicker is that when the student admits the fault, you let them offer what the consequence should be. They almost always are tougher than you are.
For Christmas I want Blogger to put spell checker on the comment sections. I misspell, mistype and flat put the wrong letter in places. Sold may come out cold, dole, plop or old. (yes, I know it if is a real word, spell checker won't help) Oh well, hang on tight for a great basketball season. There are a bunch of games out there and we can hope this wakes up the Hawks. After all, they have won 6 of the last 10 Big 12 season Championships. Rock shocked, Jay Hawk.

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