School Lunches

About once a year I try to get to Barb's school and have lunch with the kids. Today was their Veterans' Day lunch and I got to eat there. There was a Chicken Fried Steak (Really a baked piece of meat but good) mashed Potatoes, gravy, corn, applesauce and big o'le honkin' roll w/real butter. Man, I was in hog heaven getting to talk to all the kids and then eating with the sixth graders. One of the topics was what was our favorite meal. Many like the holiday menu with turkey, green beans, gravy, mashed potatoes and pineapple chunks. The final accolade went to the chili and cinnamon roll dinner. Most of the kids said they could live without the chili but the cinnamon rolls are the best.
This took me back to my days at Minneha where I went from kindergarten to the 9th grade. They could sure put on a great meal. The only thing I really couldn't stand was the tomatoes and bread served as a vegetable. It looked so gross that most of us just couldn't eat it. I found out from my sister Myrna Sue that all those years I had to eat it, she would just put it in her empty milk carton. Duh Dennis! Oh well, I loved their spinach and could eat my fill. (I think that was another milk carton treat the girls avoided. )
Wednesday it was 85 here in the heartland. Thursday it was 75 and today it is 45 with a 30 MPH wind blowing from the north. That makes it somewhere in the teens with the wind chill factor. Brrrrrrrr.
Have a great weekend. MUD.

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  1. It's cold here, too. But was hot yesterday. I'm sleepy...g'nite.