Great Day in the Morning!

For those of you that don't know and can't tell, I am a Graduate of KU's School of Business. I am also one of their biggest fans and truly enjoy college sports. I felt lost when they got beat by Missouri in football yesterday, but that was soon replaced with the joy of their win over Number 1 ranked Florida last night 82 to 80 last night. We kept waiting for a meltdown but those young players just worked and worked and played their butts off. I wouldn't trade two Joaquin Noah's for one Julian Wright.
As I went out to get the paper this morning, I was amazed to see how warm it stayed last night. There was a cloud cover and it must be almost 60 out there. The animals here at Rabbit Run are all feeding at their respective stations. I do wish the woodpeckers would eat the suet block and leave the house alone. Its not like there aren't enough old trees to work on here. The cat has started sleeping under the old ford instead of the cat house. Night before last I saw why. There was a 25 lb possum on the deck cleaning up the cat food bowl. We won't leave it out at night with food in it from now on.
I am not sure what Barb has on her schedule today. I did see her start a load of laundry so that will fit in the schedule. Have a great day and if you stayed up to watch the game catch a nap. MUD

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